Online Slots

Slot machine was created by the San Franciscan car mechanic Charles Fey who later established partnership with Mills Novelty Company which resulted in the manufacture of the very first version of Slots, the “Mills Liberty Bell?. This machine with three reels, used to be called “One Armed Bandit? due to the fact that it worked by pulling a lever located on one of its sides and most of the players ended up penniless after playing on it; that’s where bandit comes from.

Despite most of today’s machines are operated with the push of a button on the front panel instead of the lever; many modern slots still offer the legendary lever along with the button. On the other hand, slots include a detector that validates the inserted coin. Fifteen years after Fey’s invention, Mills Novelty Company developed the “Operator Bell?, a new slot machine which coin entry system was a gooseneck and it also included symbols such as fruits that are still popular in today’s slots.

It is said that at first, slots were created with the purpose of entertaining women while their husbands were gambling, but what the inventor wouldn’t imagine is that it would become the most popular gambling method in casinos, rewarding the house with an average revenues of seventy percent.

From the land casino to the internet

Innovation is always knocking the door when it comes to technology that’s the reason why Video Slot Machines arrived to the scenery, presenting a new method of gambling in a slot without moving parts or lever, just a graphic representation was the content of the screen, as the player was actually playing a computer video game.

Besides the entertainment and the winnings the player enjoyed by playing slots, that new version included bonus games and state-of-the-art video graphics that made the experience even more interesting; indeed the number of possibilities have increased as five reels are displayed instead of the classical three that once lined up in the middle of the screen, represented winnings for the player.

That is what can be called the origins of the Online Slots that after such a huge innovative step, was even closer to become what is it today, one of the major choices to play not only at land casinos but also in the online gaming world; in which gamers are able to get back over ninety percent of the bets they place, as the five reels move side to side crosswise the screen, returning credits before figuring out how it happened, that’s the magic of this awesome way to play slots over the internet.

Slots Rules

Slot machines were created one hundred eighteen years ago, since then they have evolved in such a way that today they are known as one of the most popular choices at casinos all over the world. They are preferred due to their simplicity; however, there are certain slots rules the player should follow in order to have the opportunity of spending a good and profitable time while playing.

To start playing slots online, the first thing to do is chose the size of the coins that will be used and how many of them are going to each line. The next step the gambler should take is insert the coins or slot card and afterwards push the button in order to start the spin which will show the combination that can probably be the one predicted by the player.

Reality is that today’s slot machines are more complex than the previous ones but, on the other hand, they present more choices that provide the person that plays with a bigger chance of winning. By way of example, old fashioned slots had a simple and horizontal pay line that moved across the reels; in contrast, the modern ones, are capable to have as many as 10 or even 30 pay lines that move horizontally or diagonally, just to mention two. The point is that the more pay lines the gambler has enabled, the more chances to win he has.

Regardless it is, overall a quite simple game to play, it is not recommended to play on a machine that is now understood by the player since it can be detrimental, not to mention that is a very unwise decision to place bets with money the person shouldn’t lose; furthermore, a wise gambler should never place high stakes after losing a previous one.

First used with the purpose for entertaining casual gamers at the casinos, slots have become more and more popular as the time goes by, getting to attract thousands of people all over the world, not only at land-based casinos but also over the internet where lots of slot games are offered, leading players to choose among hundreds of slots due to their preference for certain characters or symbols over others.

Slots software providers like Rival Gaming, Vegas Technology, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming have played an important role in the online slots market, having this last one introduced the largest number of online slots since its foundation back in 1994.

Nowadays, the most popular themed slots games are those based on hit movies or famous comic books characters and that’s where Playtech gets in action as they signed an agreement with Marvel Entertainment Inc. in order to use Marvel motion picture brands in the online casino games software they develop.

Why Play Slots?

Slots are one of the most easily accessible forms of gambling there is, and are hugely popular in all of the countries where they are legally allowed. With all kinds of different games and the options to play in a casino, in bars, arcades, or from the comfort of your own home online (or wherever else you might be if you use online mobile gambling services), slots can be a simple and fun way to gamble, and are easy to learn so just about anyone can get the hang of them and stand a chance to win cash.

One of the main reasons to play slots is that they are so simple. If you are new to casinos or gambling in general, you may be intimidated by the idea of joining a card game where you have to know rules and etiquette and strategies, or playing something that looks quite complicated like craps. You may also not like the idea of betting on sports or racing if you feel like you don’t really have the background knowledge to stand a chance of picking winners. Slots, on the other hand, you can play alone without having to learn any skills or rules. All you need to do to join in the fun and stand a chance of winning is get spinning!

Another great thing about slots is how much diversity there is. You can play slots with all kinds of exciting or fun bonus features that extend the gameplay from merely spinning the reels and hoping for a win to all kinds of fun mini games. You can also find themed slots that relate to your favourite shows, movies or other games, and video slots with cool animated graphics. All of these tend to be available both online and in physical places where gambling machines are found.

A final reason to play slots is that you can begin to play with pretty small stakes (some slots cost mere cents to play one spin) and you can stand to win very large jackpots. Progressive jackpot games especially provide lucky winners with huge payouts, whereas other machines reward players more regularly with smaller wins that can still lead to a nice profit if you are lucky.

Anyone can have fun playing slots, provided you are legally eligible to play them and have some money you can afford to gamble with, and they make a brilliant introduction to the world of casino games for even the total novice.

How To Play Slots

Slot machines, whether they are physical machines or virtual ones in an online casino, are among the easiest forms of gambling to learn. This means they are a good draw for the casual gamer who wants a chance of winning a big jackpot, but without having to learn something like poker or blackjack. Slots also have small minimum bets, making them a good choice for people who want a long playing session or who don’t have much spare money to gamble with.

To get started in slots at an online casino, you simply have to create an account, deposit some funds, choose your slot game and click to spin the reels. The game will tell you if you have won or not, as there are all kinds of varieties of slots so you may not always know instantly what a winning screen looks like (though rules and gameplay will be explained on the site if you want to read up before you jump in and play).

While there is no real skill involved in slots and it is pure chance whether you win or not, there is an element of strategy in choosing a machine. Some machines are what is called ‘low variance’, which means that you will win small amounts fairly frequently, whereas others are ‘high variance’ – wins are rarer, but when you get one it is usually bigger. Which style you choose depends entirely on what you want from your gaming experience. If you like the idea of winning a big payout and don’t mind if it takes a lot of fruitless spins to get it, then a higher variance machine will be more exciting for you. If you prefer to think you might get a few small payouts from a gaming session without losing a lot of money, then a low variance machine will offer more satisfaction. New players often prefer low variance machines because they can get put off by playing the same machine for a while and not winning anything.

New slot games come on the market all the time, both online and in casinos, bars and arcades where the physical slot machines tend to be found. This means that there is always a new game to play as well as your old favourites, and you can have a fun and often rewarding time playing them. In all, slots are the perfect introduction if you are interested in gambling but don’t know how to play other classic casino games.